What’s happening on hoshi-hana.com

You may have heard me talk about my site, and read the previous post where I mention a total makeover.

But have I told you what it is?

While everything is undergoing a change the biggest may be that I have made the decision to make hoshi-hana.com a primary emote site. However you can still find prices on my regular non-emote commission however the webshop will be all emote, badges and other kind of emojis for social media. Premade downloadable content too, which will always be available.

The changes which has already been made: ️ ️ ️

⭐️ Privacy Policy has been created. Private Policy is complete while Terms & Condition is getting a new structure. Both can be found on under About.

⭐️WHOOP! Every security measures have been made and you can now safely shop on hoshi-hana.com with no worry. The site has finally become https!

⭐️ The site title has be changed from “Portfolio & Webshop” to “Portfolio & Emote shop”

⭐️ The shop name has changed from “Digital shop” to “Emote & Badge shop”

⭐️ Contact informations and new user friendly design

⭐️ Portfolio has gone through a new structure and it’ll be under constant development as I make new emotes to show.

Coming soon!

⭐️ About the artist, where you can get to know me better: art history, behind the username, my interests, tools and sites I recommend.

⭐️ Emotes and Badges are being separated as products for easier navigating and purchase. That’s why they are unavailable in the shop.

⭐️ The actual commission page will be revealed soon as well. It’s a rather massive job.

⭐️ A small raise for the each type of commissions but we’re only talking about $10 – $30. Until I reveal the new prices, you can still buy emotes and badges at the current price.

If you got any feedback to the current changes, please comment below
That’s all for now. Thank you for reading 💖


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