Twitch badge news: 2 months

Twitch has brought a lot of changes to affiliates – for the better. We have all gotten access to many news things which were previously privileged to the partner streamers.

As the title indicates one of these new additions is a 2 month badge. The new order will be as following: Basis, 2 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and last but not least 12 month.
Now 6 badges instead of just 5.

It will therefore also effect my custom badges as well as my premade selection – and an offer for previous customers who have ordered more than 3 badges.

Custom badges

The 5-pack badges for $175 will instead be $155 and a 6-pack for $175 is now available. If this is too many, you’ll still have access to any given amount below. Prices and options can be found in the webshop under same name.

Premade badges

I haven’t made many premade sub badges yet – but I’ll follow up with more! – but those I already have in my shop will be edited to contain 6 as well.
Price will remain the same ($25)

Existing customers

For those of you who have already bought badges from me previously will receive 1 badge for free. This can either be placed between basis and 3 month OR if you have bought 5, you’ll have the possibility to choose if you want to have the badge lined up after what used to be the 12 month badge.

Thank you for reading <3

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