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What are emotes, badges and emojis?


When you’re either an affiliate or partner you would want to offer your subscribers something which characterize yourself, your theme and the content you stream in return.

Sub badges will appear next to your subscribers names to show personal appreciation for the time the individual subscribers have supported you.
Bits badges does have some standard icons that you leave as they are, however you can customize all 28 too and make cheering more fun for your subscribers and viewers.
Sub emotes to make your viewers interact more together in a fun and exciting way.
Custom emotes and badges costs more but in return you will get something completely unique that no other streamer got ❤


Emojis are much like any other emotes and smileys you use on social media – these will just bring some fun and giggles to your server along with your subscriber sub emotes.

One of the biggest differences is than everyone will be able to use them!

The DLC’s you find here in the shop can be used as alerts and reactions in your stream through streamlabs, OBS etc. as well.

Low prices

It’s the whole idea with my premade emotes, emojis and badges! When they are done in advance, they shouldn’t cost a fortune. ❤

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