Shop opening sale: Coop Collab

To widen the knowledge of my emotes and badges, I have opened a shop on Coop Collab – A site which solely focuses on streaming elements from overlays to emotes and badges.

My shop: HoshiHana Streamshop

I made 20 slots available for $15 each – normal price $45 – if you buy through the site: Custom emotes on Coop Collab
Offer ends when all have been taken. 13 slots are left.

1 commissioner told me that it was impossible to make a purchase. If that’s still the case, you can contact me personally either through Twitter, email or Discord and we’ll figure something out. My handles can be found under “contact”.


Prices will be no different from my webshop – in fact they may even be more expensive than here. The reason is that CoopCollab takes 10% of a sale (which is only fair so they have their costs covered) before PayPal also deduct a fee.

Other Products

A limited selection of premade emotes & badges will likewise be available in the new shop.

Everything is available here as I have dedicated my webshop for this purpose <3

I hope all of you and your families are well and safe in these trying times

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