6 or 12 pack Twitch badges: Metal & Gem Bats



Two different bundles each containing 6 bats. The 1st pack goes through the materials of shiny black, bronze, silver, gold white gold & rainbow metal.  The 2nd pack offers amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emerald, white diamond & opal.   These are perfect for those of you who loves bats, gothic, horror, classic monster movies or just Halloween in general and want to reflect that through these badges with your subscribers as well as viewers.

Can be mixed and matched in no particular order.

⭐ 1 basis, 1 2 months, 1 3 months, 1 6-months, 1 9months, 1 12-months & many more
⭐ High resolution .PNG in 3 sizes (72×72 // 36×36 // 18×18)
⭐ Ready for direct upload to Twitch
Transparent background
Pay & download with no wait
⭐ Works with light & night theme on Twitch*
⭐ Unlimited download with no expiry date

*They have not been tested with theme styles on Stylish. We would love to hear your feedback if you’re a user of the site.

A step-to-step guide on how to upload badges on Twitch is available here

Zoom in for normal resolution

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Metal bats, Gem bats, Metal & gem bats


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