New look, more changes + new theme?

I have worked the first half of 2021 on a unified look for the social platforms that I use: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (banner, thumbnails, video intro and overall the text), Instagram (emote and badge previews) and Twitch (banner, overlay, Vtuber model, panels etc.)
It’s finally time to give the site a makeover as well.

What has changed

  • The homepage has gotten the background image that I now use everywhere.
  • A site icon has finally been created (although it might be a work in progress)
  • The posts have gotten a facelift too with the new background and logo.
  • The updated logo which was originally made for videos has become the new primary one. The old was from all back to the creation of this site.
  • Changed the “about the artist” title to “Who is Hoshi-Hana” for SEO purposes.
  • New artist picture!! It’s from the #toonme artchallenge meme.
  • Moved “About” and its drop-downs to the end of the navigation menu

What to come

  • A new and improved portfolio embracing every type of art I have ever done is under development…

Outdated WordPress theme

Yesterday I looked into how much pro version of my current theme Zerif Lite would cost and I noticed with disappointment that it was no longer possible to sign up for a Pro plan and that it hadn’t been updated for 6 months.
The developers stated that they now focused fully on another theme called Neve.

Should I?

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