Join my DTIYS ~ Heart of Water

Many of you may be familiar with the #dtiys or #dtiyschallenge that is still really popular in the art community for over a year now – and with good reason. One can focus more on the small details than on the subject because it’s already chosen.
And it’s a great way to meet new artists, while giving each other recognition and exposure.

I finally decided to do my very 1st DTIYS back in September.
It’s starring Amiera ~ an original character of mine that has existed since 2001. She’s a teenage witch / water elementalist. She’s my go-to character when I shall draw something for a first time.

Make sure to use #hoshihdtiys on social media ^3^
The first 3 artists to participate will receive a chibi (2 left) <3

Feel free to change the pose, use these pastel or the original colour scheme and be creative with the water.

Character references

*~Watch how I drew it ~*

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