4th November 2019

FAQ & Guides

Below you can find information on how I work, payment methods, progress and much more. Prices on each type of commissions can be found under their respective header.

If you encounter problems during the upload process on Twitch with either emotes or badges, check out my ‘getting started’ series after the FAQ. It may go faster than waiting for my reply <3

If you got any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

You can see more of my previous work : here

Why are your prices so high?

As I do commission for a living I've set my prices after the average minimum wage for adults in Denmark, which is $18 an hour. When I do an emote it roughly takes 4 h each - that's $72, however I want a reasonable middle ground which is beneficial for both of us. The standard price for emotes starts at $35/$45/$55 ( after complexity) and $55 for badges. Concerning the time, I take my work very seriously. I'm always throughout and I aim to make every detail as perfect as possible. It takes time. I do have different services you can use for free - like I screen share while I work on your sketch or full drawing.

Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms. If you got any questions please do contact us

Paypal & fees

I only accept money through PayPal.

You can order and pay for emotes + badges directly on this site. However the payment can also go through paypal.me, the PayPal email I give you or I send you an invoice.

When making a transaction I as the receiver will pay a fee.

Up till $150: $5
Over $150: $10

IMPORTANT: With a 50/50 payment method (or one of the others) you'll have to pay the fee twice or triple. However it'll only be $5 for each transaction.

Payment methods

I do fully understand if you find my prices difficult to afford so I got different payment methods you may like. I would of course prefer upfront. Please inform me at the beginning.

⭐️ 2-times payment (50% upfront, 50% upon delivery),

How I work

For every single commission I follow the same procedure.

⭐️Payment: whether it's upfront or 50/50, I won't begin before having received the money. All pictures will have watermarks and be low resolution if doing the latter.

⭐️Brainstorming: We'll discuss all the details of the commission. The more description and pictures you can give me, the better I can fulfil the project to your satisfaction. This step will be a red thread throughout our work relation.

⭐️Rough sketch: When I have a clear idea of the project I'll start on the sketch. When done, I'll show it to you. At this stage you can require as many changes you may like until you can approve of the work.

⭐️Lineart: With the approval of the sketch, I'll continue on to the ink. Just like the previous step I'll show you the final lineart. At this point only minor changes are appreciated. You'll have to confirm the work again.*

⭐️Colours: I'll continue on with the colours and first present the final piece when done. At this stage I'll do colour correction but only that

⭐️Delivery: To preserve the best quality possible I'll send you the commission(s) in a .zip-folder to your email, as a download link through my Dropbox or directly on Discord if we're having our conversation there.

*For emotes I'll do both lines and colours in one go, however with the same edit possibilities until it's satisfactory.

Where I can follow the progress?

I use the service Trello for this purpose. By clicking the link you'll see the waiting list, pending payment, in progress and finished commissions.

When making the payment upfront or 50/50 (and so forth), You'll be given an order name by which you can check your progress.
Example: C102018
From the start to the end of our collaboration I'll keep you update as well if I should encounter any personal issues or I should be delayed in any other ways.

Free extra services

As standard I'll only show previews as either pictures or screenshots, However if you want I can:

⭐️ Screensharing: If we got contact through Discord I can share my personal screen with you in the chat. If not I use join.me. That way you can watch me work and at the same time give me input.
⭐️ Livestream: Sometimes I stream the commissions on Twitch but I'll always ask if it's okay.

Permanent 25-50% discount

As a token of gratitude and appreciation for pledging $5 on Patreon or Twitch subscribing at any tier you'll get a permanent discount on everything from products to custom commissions.

25% on products under $200 and 50% when getting over (eg. 10-pack complex emotes is $232) so they will only be $121 when it has been applied. You can still get it as a 50/50 payment method.

Do's & Don't

⭐️Female & male characters
⭐️All kind of fantasy species
⭐️Both original and fanart
⭐️Soft NSFW: Nudity, Pin-up and mild erotic
⭐️Action and fight scenes

⭐️MLP ( my own style)
⭐️Backgrounds, subject or themes you haven't seen me do yet
⭐️Replicate existing game or art style

⭐️Objects or themes going against Twitch ToS
⭐️Too Graphic RIP emotes
⭐️Realistic animals
⭐️Fetishes like diapers
⭐️Rape and murder
⭐️Hardcore NSFW
⭐️Discriminating or humiliating implied art

⭐️Feel free to ask if you have any questions concerning any of these

Regular illustrations Commissions

I still do normal commissions such as chibi profile pictures and other kind of illustrations.

Contact me personally with an inquiry where I'll give you a price based on what you want.


They will be updated according to changes on Twitch.tv’s page.


Getting started series


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