25th September 2016

Collaboration commissions

Welcome to the sub section of the commission page.

Some of you may know what collaboration commissions are while some may not. Collaboration means in this case a creative work that has been created equally between 2 artists. So instead of buying art from only one of your favourite artists, you can here support two. The payment is be equally shared.

Click on the different portfolios for examples and prices.

Remember it’s important to write in the commission form who you want to do the sketch, line and shading. For the intro’s and outro’s, Hoshi-Hana will be doing the art.

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We make chibi and normal proportioned characters together- our anime style and MLP. Max 2 characters

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We make chibi’s together. Max 2 characters

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For interested artists

Write me an email marked “collab commission partner” to contact@hoshi-hana.com if you want to make commissions with me. I got a limit of 6 people. The price and type is set after agreement. Once in a while I’ll be asking everyone involved if there’s still interest in the position.


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