Collab: Crisbell from Cris Tales

As relaxation to get back into art, I have for a little over the past week been working on a collab with my close artist friend Crimr0e of the main character in new game we’re both fan-girling over!

Crimr0e made the lines and I did the colouring

About Cris Tales

Cris Tales is a love letter to JRPG ( such as FFXI) developed in Columbia. It was released 20th of July 2021.
In short Crisbell is an ophan who under some circumstances discovers that she’s a time mage with the ability to see in a split screen the past, present (the scene you move in) and the future – and act upon it. You’re also the healer and buffer in the party with skills to speed characters up, slow enemies etc.

It’s far from perfect with a few flaws but the art and music is both charming and wonderful, while the plot is one of the better. Almost 30h in I can really recommend it. I play through Steam.

Official site:
On steam:


Crimr0e is an absolute sweetheart, while her art is so soft and gorgeous. It reminds you of children’s book illustration.
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Talk to you soon!

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