Bits badges coming soon

As I mentioned in “Twitch badges news: 2 months” Twitch has given affiliates access to many things which was exclusive for partners before. Beside an extra sub badge, bits badges are also included in this update! It gives us a chance for even more personal customizing at an early stage!
What is even more awesome is that it has not been limited to only a few of the various bits but from 1 – 5M. That’s 28 slots one got to work with. Yay! *insert appropriate .gif of your choice*

EDIT: I spoke with one of my streamer friends the other day who told me that bits badges themselves have been around for about 6 months. It is instead the emotes that are being unlocked through cheer bits which is the new addition.

New product

Bits badges will be presented as an independent product thus they share the same sizes as standard sub badges. The reason behind this is that bits badges in general seem to carry less details than ordinary badges, so why should they cost the same?

The custom bits badge product page will be up as soon as I have planned the amount of packs, the prices and there will have to be previews too ofc! When I have created some of my own they will be showcased as examples.
However what I do know is that they will be half of what a single badge costs ($55). This means from $25.
If they are quite detailed I’ll refer you to the price of normal sub badges.

Cheer emotes

Prices for cheer emotes will remain the same as sub emotes.

Stay safe <3

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