6/12 pack badges: Vampire theme – coffins & bats

This Halloween we’re celebrating vampires. This involves also the more macabre aspects.

It’s my pleasure to announce not just one but 2 sets of Halloween badges. One can’t discuss vampires without coffins. They have always had an essential part in horror movies as well as classic monster movie: The stone and black are both specially dedicated to vampires – and especially latter – for Dracula.

You can buy them here

Next are bats. Just like with coffins, bats and vampires are connected by blood. You have a chance to get 1 of the packs – or maybe both? – from the shop. The price only varies with $/€ 10.

You can buy them here

Exclusive rights

Contact me personally if you want to reserve the sole right to use them. The price is $55 for 1 and $65 for 2.

Please take every precaution your country has given ,everyone, so we all can get through this horrifying period without more deaths than necessary.
A Halloween without trick or treat seems weird, but we have to make up for it with games, literature and movies.
It’s the best we can do.

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