8-pack Discord potions emoji

My site is still under revamp but in the meantime I wanna introduce some cute little fellas: discord potion emotes that you can buy in the Emote & Badge shop.

There is actually a small history behind them: Last year (2018) around springtime I was asked if I wanted to be one of the artists in a project called “Reactions by Emotists”. It was also the name of a Twitch Extension, where viewers could pay with bits to use them for reactions in the streamers livestream. We as artists would get what was left after Twitch had drawn its fee.
Due to some unfortunate events, the project manager shut it down.
Since then these and more have been lying around and collecting dust.
I just want these fellas to have a purpose and get the love they deserve! 💕

If you’re a patron of mine you’ll get them this month for free when you pledge $5💕

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