2020 is ahead

Dear visitors, friends, Patrons, supporters and clients

We’re at the end of 2019. For me this year has been really mixed in regards of personal issues and experiences. Some incredible – some not so much. Some big and some small.


I have been fortunate to do freelance for a big and popular streaming company for a couple of months which has been an amazing and interesting opportunity. I have learned a lot from in relation to business management and doing emotes in a different pace than what I have otherwise been used to. If you – the company sees this – thank you for having me!

I have had such marvellous joy and pleasure of doing personal emote commissions (+ normal ones at the end <3) throughout the year. I’m more thankful that you’ll ever know, because you’re interested in such a degree in my art that you want to commission me. I have no words for how appreciative I am for this.

Also Patrons – some of you have stayed for me a long time, others only a few months – You all means the world to me. Thank you for believing in me so much you want to support me financially. Especially since I know a lot of you have been dealing with things yourself that has made it hard to do so.
The direction of my Patreon page have had taken a lot of various turns and I’m so happy that you have patiently stayed with me through it.
Thank you!

Thank you friends and supporters for keep being there for me on the Social media with everything that follows with it: Sharing, favouring and comments. It’s just as valuable as the financially help, that a group of you also provides. Without you I would never meet new friends but also commissioners.

Personal experiences

I’m not one who’s telling much about my personal life on social media because I like to keep the elements separate, but I’ll share a bit about it now.

I know I haven’t been much present on Twitter or other social media and this saddens me. As a person with a few cognitive disabilities there doesn’t need to happen a lot to make me mentally exhausted to a degree where I don’t feel like being social online (not that anything exciting really has happened either). It annoys me profoundly because I love talking with you!
This year has caused that.

As an unemployed irl I have been through a lot of internship throughout the last couple of years in the process of getting a permanent stable job. All of which were a horrible experience as I need to be aware of my mental state or I may get epileptic seizures – luckily only light ones but they are frustrating AF. This year in June, July and August I was in the best internship of my Life – unfortunately I couldn’t stay. I did learn a lot of things which I can take with me and use in daily life. For that I’m grateful.

On that note it brings me reason why all of your support in any of the above forms are so precious to me, is that for the last 2 years my husband and I have been struggling financially to a point where we couldn’t and still can’t afford food. You have helped us a lot.

Some of you know all the details about this – thank you for listening to my problems and ranting <3 Many things have been uphill, especially December. Broken toe, allergic reaction to the bandaged I had to stabilize the toe just to end with a cough I can’t get rid of. The doctor says there’s nothing to do about it. Oh well.

Plans for 2020

A new year means a new beginning to start afresh. There’s gonna happen so many great things, that I look forward to!

It’s now for certain that at some point next year I’ll get a part-time job which will be able to keep us financially aloft and give us a breathing space. Maybe even make it possible for me to lose some weight (that’s another story)

No one knows how a freelancers life works out, but don’t fret! I LOVE doing private commissions – the direct contact and personal one of a kind commissions that brings something special to every streamers chat. I look forward to keep taking a few those on the side! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

I never got a chance to get all my streaming elements ready but I’ll stream in 2020! Can’t wait to get back!

I haven’t been able to do as many cheap premade badges – nor emotes – as I wanted to, but I’m determined to make it work! I got a lot of themes planned out!

All my new art no matter the type will further more be done with my first graphic display tablet to ever own. A XP-Pen 15.6 Pro. You have no idea how hyped I am!
I’ll receive it one of these next days as the delivery time were only 5-7 days (Due to X-mas and New Year it’ll likely first be sometime next week), but I don’t care!
This couldn’t have been done without all of you who have commissioned me in December <333 I know I have said thanks a lot, but thank you <3

For the last time I want to thank all of you for being the most sweet and wonderful community one could ever wish for!

I hope all of you will get safely and in great company into the new year. Do you have any New Years resolutions?


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