Price Update on Twitch Emotes & Badges

After careful consideration since the beginning of 2019, I have finally decided to raise my prices on custom Twitch work. Explanation When I first designed my prices in 2018 I went with the base price of $45 with an increase of $10 for each extra emote/badge. E.g. both 5-packs costed $85. The increase after the Read more about Price Update on Twitch Emotes & Badges[…]

d20 Discord Emojis

These are the last of the emotes/ emojis from the “Reactions by Emotists” Extension project from last year, Although the Critical Fails (1’s) have been made this year to kinda balance it out. There’s not one without the other. From now on there’ll only be newly made emojis, emotes and badges.

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