28th December 2015


If you encounter payment issues, selection errors, site navigation problems or if you’re not able to find the needed information about the commission ToS there’s different ways to contact me.
This also concerns general questions about your commission or user recovering

These are the following days and hours you can expect me to work on your commission and also respond to your questions:

Send an email

You can Send an email on:

  1. contact@hoshi-hana.com or hoshi.hanaart@gmail.com
  2. Add subject, message and your username if you’re a current customer 
  3. I’ll return to you as soon as possible.


Send a Direct Message on Twitter

If everything fails or if you prefer DM’ing:

  1.  Go to twitter and search for ladyHoshi_Hana
  2. My DM is open for everyone so text away
  3. I’ll get back to you as soon as I see it.


Speak with me on Skype

You can also choose to speak with me personally

  1.  My skypename:  sophia_kidney
  2.  I won’t accept if you don’t mention you’re a customer