New commission prices, details, payment methods and order system is finally here!

Hello Hoshians! 

Commission prices
Last time I talked about implementing new commission prices were back in April. I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time to update my prices, both personally and professionally. It’s part of the reason why I have been on the low promoting that my commission are open. As I really want to live from doing commissions, my prices have to reflect that. Some has only been changed a little – others a lot.

I have on my price site added some more details to each of them. Details that you may find useful, like additional characters, price for advanced backgrounds and how long it’s going take me to make a specific type.  

Payment methods
Along with payment upfront, it’s now possible to pay 50-50,  25- 40 – 35 and through Patreon. Please tell me which you would prefer when you order. 

Order system
I have decided to leave google forms and I have created my own contracts and purchase order confirmation as fillable .PDF-files. These will be linked/sent to you at the beginning of our cooperation. We don’t have an agreement before these are filled. This is not only for my safety but also guarantee for you. I have made a contract for each payment method, so please read the terms thoroughly.     


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