New prices will be implemented

Hello visitors and  regular clients!

I have some announcements to make regarding commissions.
There will a slight raise in prices starting from today.

All previous agreements with present clients will stay the same.

The situation

Today 04-04-2017, I was at a company counsellor meeting where I got to know some
very interesting information about taxes etc.
As every other job and company one has to take VAT for a product as they have to pay taxes in the country they live in.
At least where I live. If a private person or company doesn’t add the right taxes or no taxes at all including VAT,
there will be financial penalty from thousand to millions.

Which leads me to the other thing. My  husband and I’s economy won’t be able to handle that.
We can barely pay our rent or food and we fret the next couple of months. Even when we cut all the luxury. Living on a day-to-day basis with worrying.

I don’t ask for sympathy – only your understanding.

The new prices

From now on all commission types will consist of:
5% VAT + the PayPal fees + standard price (May be raised 10-40$ so we can have a decent life ) and eventually additional costs like bg etc.
It may be the case that I’ll use the web shop order system instead so that I in the description can type with and without VAT + PayPal fees.
With that there will also be Coupons – and perhaps give aways? again now and then.

It’s therefore important that you fill out so I can document my prices for tax and VAT actions.

Partly paying

if the costs seem too much, I’ll agree to a monthly pay through Patreon – only Patreon – until you have paid for the commission(s).
$1 , $5 , $10, $15 and $20 . I’ll of course have completed it long before that.
And the bonus? You get access to the tier and those below it.

Thank you for reading!


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