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I have lately been speculating about revising my prices – not because I wanted to but because I had to. Had to meaning that I have been feeling that I put so many hours into every single commission order with payment that hardly made it justice at all.  It’s still not at the level that I completely want it with some of the types but it’s better with small baby steps one at a time.

Regulation preview:

Chibis: From 8$ to 13 $ = 5 $ raise.
Page dolls: from 8$ to 11$ = 3$ raise
Full-body: from 20$ to 25$ = 5$ raise
Icons: from 5/8$ to 10/15$ = 5/7 $

Not completed:

Portrait or half-body is the only one left to change.
It will go from 13$ to 20$


The highest prices in the shop reflects the additional prices of extra characters, my special line less style, advanced bg and bundles.
I have added an explanation in every option field so you know what you pay for.

If you’re interested in commissioning me, you can order directly through the shop! It can’t get any easier.

Also if you have any questions about commissions or have a special commission request feel free to catch me on: , on the front page of this site,  DM me on MissHoshi_hana (Twitter) or Hoshi-Hana (deviantart).

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